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2011 Freshly Pressed (2)

April 24-30

Bumped by Megan McCafferty – Goodreads | Amazon
The Last Little Blue Envelope by Marueen Johnson – Goodreads | Amazon
Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell – Goodreads | Amazon
Abandon by Meg Cabbot – Goodreads | Amazon
We’ll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han – Goodreads | Amazon
The Berlin Boxing Club by Robert Sharenow – Goodreads | Amazon
Family by Micol Ostow – Goodreads | Amazon
Exile by Anne Osterlund – Goodreads | Amazon

Featured Book

Bumped by Megan McCafferty

Published: April 26, 2011
Series: Bumped, Book 1
Goodreads | Amazon

When a virus makes everyone over the age of eighteen infertile, would-be parents are forced to pay teen girls to conceive and give birth to their children, making teens the most prized members of society.

Sixteen-year-old identical twins Melody and Harmony were separated at birth and had never met until the day Harmony shows up on Melody’s doorstep. Until now, the twins have followed completely opposite paths. Melody has scored an enviable conception contract with a couple called the Jaydens. While they are searching for the perfect partner for Melody to bump with, she is fighting her attraction to her best friend Zen, who is way too short for the job.

Harmony has spent her whole life in religious Goodside, preparing to be a wife and mother. She believes her calling is to bring Melody back to Goodside and convince her that “pregging” for profit is a sin. But Harmony has secrets of her own that she is running from.

When Melody is finally matched with the world-famous, genetically flawless Jondoe, both girls’ lives are changed forever. A case of mistaken identity takes them on a journey neither could have ever imagined, one that makes Melody and Harmony realize they have so much more than just DNA in common.


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2011 Freshly Pressed (1)

April 10th -16th

Featured Book

The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong
Released: April 12, 2011
Series: Darkness Rising, Book 1
Goodreads | Barnes & Noble

The Gathering by Kelley ArmstrongSixteen-year-old Maya is just an ordinary teen in an ordinary town. Sure, she doesn’t know much about her background – the only thing she really has to cling to is an odd paw-print birthmark on her hip – but she never really put much thought into who her parents were or how she ended up with her adopted parents in this tiny medical-research community on Vancouver Island.

Until now.

Strange things have been happening in this claustrophobic town – from the mountain lions that have been approaching Maya to her best friend’s hidden talent for “feeling” out people and situations, to the sexy new bad boy who makes Maya feel . . . . different. Combine that with a few unexplained deaths and a mystery involving Maya’s biological parents and it’s easy to suspect that this town might have more than its share of skeletons in its closet.

In The Gathering, New York Times best-selling author Kelley Armstrong brings all the supernatural thrills from her wildly successful Darkest Powers series to Darkness Rising, her scorching hot new trilogy.

Hope you enjoyed this week in releases!

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