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2011 Challenges

Notice: Due to some theme & layout changes, challenges are found on the sidebar; all the bars are hyperlinked to the full list of selections and items read.

Getting back into the idea of reading has been slow but it is something that I do enjoy doing and to help organize my reading goals and maybe because I love lists, I joined in a couple challenges and spent two days making lists of potential selections for these challenges. So I thought I would take a minute to direct you to where you can always find the progress updates and a little about the challenges in the event that you would like to join in!

Reading Challenge

This challenge is hosted by Goodreads and has no specific details other than reading books; you set the number yourself and you work towards the goal. I had forgotten how much I like reading, but I do read somewhat slow, so I settled for a comfortable 10. I really feel like I will blow this out of the water but we shall see. I can’t really do reviews without reading hehe. You can always find the progress on the sidebar in a widget provided by Goodreads!

101 in 1001

A bucket list style challenge for life experiences gone TBR list! In 1001 days, I hope to have read every book on this list; there are some options available to me as time goes on but for the most part, the list is set with books I genuinely want to read. The project started at Day Zero and my list can be found in the top right corner under Challenges.

Dystopian Challenge

Hosted at Bookish Ardour Reading Challenges, this challenge has 5 levels to chose from and even 2 more advanced levels for intense readers. This challenge focuses on a new and uprising sub-genre of science fiction known as dystopian (opposite of utopia fyi). I have chosen Level Two which is to read 15 books in the genre by the end of the year. Some of my top choices for this are Wither, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Enclave, etc. For the whole list of suggestions/selections, check out my challenge & progress page.

First In Series

Series are highly popular these days; it seems that the number of series books is beginning to vastly outnumber the standalone books when it comes to Young Adult fiction. Some of the best series in time are Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Mortal Instruments but there are always new things to explore including the House of Night and The Infernal Devices; I am also intrigued by selections that crossover from the Dystopian Challenge such as Wither (Chemical Gardens #1), Divergent (Divergent #1), and The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1). I will also be using this series as a reason to start The Sookie Stackhouse Series/Southern Vampire Mysteries. This contest has a varying levels and I am going for Level 3: 12 first books. Thanks to a Few More Pages for hosting this challenge and you can see my whole list of suggestions (YA and Adult titles) as well as my progress (1/12) on my challenge page!

With all that said, I am pretty excited to get into all these; this week I should conclude Clockwork Angel which will move to strike off of two challenges and then onto The Forest of Hands and Teeth and who know where from there!

Are you in any challenges? If so let me know, I’d love to support you and check out your progress!


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