Review Policy

Authors & Publishers

I am grateful you have shown interest in allowing me to review your book; I would be happy to consider your book for review as well as hold author interviews, guest posts, blog tour stops, or other events to promote your book.

Please feel free to contact me at withinpages (@) hotmail dot com with a brief description of the book and its basic information. If you are interested in interviews or blog tours, please attempt to have the book to me with at least one month to prepare. Also, I will accept mass emails as long as there is an indication of its authenticity.


I reserve the right to abandon any book that fails to connect with me as a reader; in turn,  I will publish a review with no rating that tastefully, and without slander, explains my decisions, likes, and dislikes about the particular selection.

All reviews will consist of thoughtful opinions and an honest rating (see Ratings) and thoughts on the author’s style.

ARC copies will take precedent over published works in the hopes that I can build excitement for the piece pre-release. In the event that I have too many selections, I will result to a priority system and cannot guarantee a review for all selections in that event.

Current Accepted Selections

  • Young Adult (Most Preferred)
    • Paranormal
    • Romance (incl. Paranormal Romance)
    • Contemporary
    • Historical Fiction
    • Mystery
    • Fantasy
    • Dystopian
    • Steampunk
    • Horror
  • Adult
    • Paranormal
    • Romance (incl. Paranormal Romance)
    • Fantasy
  • Middle Grade books are not preferred. Please contact for specific books and requests.

These books are accepted in formats: Hardback, Paperback, or audiobook. I do not accept eBooks. I also will not accept titles that are non-fiction or religious.

I will accept and review ARC or published works this excludes freelance, articles, and manuscripts.


Review Details

I cannot guarantee a date for reviews but will try to have them read and reviewed in a timely manner with the goal of ARC reviews being published in the month of the release.

Reviews will be posted on this blog (Within Pages), Goodreads, and Amazon.

If you’re interested in reading past reviews, the category for all the review archives is available in the sidebar.

Thank you for considering me and I cannot wait to hear from you.



Sources for all books are listed on the reviews whether it is a publisher, contest, or other. I provide my opinion on the selection honestly and for no compensation.


I am an affiliate. The revenue from this affiliation will primarily be used for website maintenance, contest prizes and shipping costs.

UPDATED: April 26, 2011

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