This rating system is not my own, it is the one that is implemented on Goodreads.

I will not always have the same emotions behind the rating but it does express a certain level of “spelling things out” that may not happen if I get excited and talk in circles during a review.

The rating is not the entire review and is a mere semblence of whether or not I liked the book and none of the reasons why I did or did not; therefore, I highly encourage you to read the entire review for the full thoughts and opinions.

– I didn’t like this book, not recommended.

★★ – It was okay. No recommendation to or not to read.

★★★ – I liked this book. This can be for varying reasons. Recommended.

★★★★ – I loved this book! Highly recommended!


If a book does not have a rating, I have chosen to abandon it.

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