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Stuff That Doesn’t Suck (1)

Stuff that doesn’t suck is a meme hosted by Pam at Bookalicious where we graciously share with you the things that we come across in a week that don’t suck. This includes a variety of things from books to music to youtube and even more. Feel free to join in on the comments or on your own blog.

Game That Doesn’t Suck

There is a new card game that I have recently discovered and I was an instant addict; this game is called Dominion. It is a a game about conquering lands (Estates, Duchies, and Provinces) all the while drawing other cards that allow you to build your kingdom with Smithies, Moneylenders, Adventurers, Treasure, and more! The game is recommended for ages 8+ and for 2 to 4 people; it also claims that it is only a 30 minute game but it can be about 1 to 2 hours for my group of friends. There are several expansions including Prosperity, Intrigue, Seaside, and Alchemy.

Book Cover That Doesn’t Suck

I just simply love all the Mortal Instruments (and in turn Infernal Devices) book covers. I am working on acquiring City of Fallen Angels but for now I just spend my days admiring the cover and wishing I had this to read.

Blog That Doesn’t Suck

Running a blog can be a challenge at time; I ran a pretty successful blog before I took this one on and in turn my best friend has been running Kentucky Geek Girl for a while as well. She has recently done some excellent work on it including a new theme, new pages, and has a new feature lined up to review local “geek” stores in Central Kentucky. She has links to all her ways she can be connected including a twitter!

Video That Doesn’t Suck

To leave you with a happy thought, especially if you are a Disney love, check out this one man Disney soundtrack!

May the positive energy of non-suckiness follow you this week! Feel free to share anything else that doesn’t suck in the comments!


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