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After a year of blogging at my World of Warcraft specific blog (A Healadin’s Tear), I decided that I had enjoyed the facet that blogging had added to my creative mind and even though I relinquished playing that game and in turn blogging about it, I found myself unable to leave the community that I had unearthed in my experience. Another healthy benefit of leaving the online gaming community is that I rediscovered my love for reading. It isn’t that I had completely abandoned reading, but going into college when it was about reading what I had to and then I found the game, I sort of grew addicted to other things instead; I had nurtured a great love for books in high school. Anyways, when this blog started it was to be a personal blog about a variety of things in my mundie life but instead, I found myself lost in the world of book blogs constantly and I knew that is what I wanted this to be. After a few encouraging conversations, I took the leap and made another topic specific blog but one I feel compelled to share for potentially, the rest of my life.

Within Pages born April 13, 2011

About the Author

I am a twenty-something college graduate who, even though she knows her purpose in life, still has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up. Right now my day job (I wish I could make that sound more exciting) is in the Child Care industry where I am a trained professional in working with school aged children. I, myself, work with 5-7 y/os of varying socioeconomic status and in varying levels of emotional distress (including ‘perfectly healthy’). I like to think that the nurturing impact I am able to provide these children with is going to change their lives; it isn’t the best paying thing, to be honest, I’m flat broke; but if I impact even one child, it is worth it. I am also in an amazingly loving relationship with a wonderful guy name Paul and we recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Currently we live in Central Kentucky and make it as I hold out that come August I might end up with a promotion to program director. If it doesn’t work out, I am considering Phlebotomy classes to work towards life-saving measures with the Kentucky Blood Center (Donating Blood Saves Lives!).

Other Eclectic Facets of Life:

  • I am in love with the mythology of the Phoenix. I believe that for all the darkness that consumes us, we are reborn into beauty. My personal quote after supporting a life-changing decision for my baby sister: “It is in the face of great adversity that we grow to be the person we are meant to be”.
  • Some of you may actually know me as Tarinae, my internet handle that I adopted from the World of Warcraft community, but I do love that name. You may like to know that my real name is Leila. Regardless of which name you wish to use, you probably cannot pronounce either correctly, it’s okay though, it happens 🙂
  • In my current weight loss venture I have lost 25 pounds. Not quite a pant size but there are definite places I see results that I won’t mention in public.
  • Recently, I have been gaining more and more personal growth and insight and in my own way, I feel it is a journey to find my true name. I can never deny that I have a lot of growing left to do, but it is progress that matters; the destination with no journey is worthless and my life is always a journey.
  • I am an avid Dungeons and Dragons player. I currently have a character that symbolizes all that is hope when she becomes the Phoenix, her name is Sabina. Through her, I have looked critically at myself and through her I have gained an unprecedented amount of wisdom. I am internally grateful to have her as an extension of myself. ((I am also currently playing a cynical/bitter bitch in Vampire: The Masquerade.))
  • I am an email addict! Plain and simple.

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Twitter: @JustcallmeLila
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