Upcoming Blog Changes

Okay dear readers, I thank you for all the patience that you have shown me as I settle into my new blog, I really am quite fickle and have a mild case of perfectionism.

In my previous blogging experience, the blogging crave was wordpress; it was ALL ABOUT wordpress in fact. But now, in the book blog community, its different and blogger is the preferred. I have only really come across one wordpress book blog, and while they are successful, I think that blogger has a lot to offer, including Amazon Affiliate help (which I have recently been approved for!). I’ve done some testing and I think I might be happy there.

I will be working on these changes across the span of today and tomorrow in hopes that by the beginning of the month I have it ready to go. If you have subscribed to the feed using the RSS icon in the left sidebar, you won’t have to worry about the change in feed as it is designated through feedburner, but otherwise you may need to be on the lookout; I will post here when it is ready.

Again, thank you for ALL your patience.



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2 responses to “Upcoming Blog Changes

  1. /blogger fistbump 😉

  2. I would shout at you for being a traitor but I have myself considered it on occasion (I just like my little hosted wordpress space, is all). I can’t remember which feed I grabbed so I’ll keep an eye out – will have to for blogroll changes after all 🙂

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