Reborn Within Pages

Since I started this blog, I have worked on it everyday. Whether it be posts, or pages, or little tweaks on imaging or layout; I wanted to get it 100%, I wanted it to be perfect in my eyes. Eventually, it got to that point…physically. I could spend hours looking at the color scheme and graphics but something was off and I wasn’t sure what.

Today, I was sitting in the library writing a post about my insanely hard work out last night and my weight loss journey so far when really, all I could do is long to have the books beside me in my hands. I have recently been getting lost in a sea of book blogs and have enjoyed every minute of it and suddenly, I became very torn in the idea of the direction I wanted this blog to go. I was having an identity crisis of sorts.

So I did some calculating (I left the library with 4 new books) and did some advice seeking. So I found my best friend and an influential blogger that sends most of my daily hits from their blogroll and asked their advice. Could I do this? Should I do this?

Essentially, they both gave me the encouragement that I needed; if I am going to blog, I should blog about what makes me happy and grow an audience. Obviously, the audience here is vastly different the last one I worked with and appealed to and the theme is completely different, but I can do this and I am going to…I’m going to write a book blog!

Beyond the stacks in the library and beyond the store shelves, you can find brand new worlds that stretch beyond your dizziest daydreams, if only you’re willing to look…Within Pages.



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2 responses to “Reborn Within Pages

  1. Tasha Lee


  2. I’m glad you decided to give this a shot! I don’t follow book…news? is it even called news? or anything, so I generally have no idea about great books I should read unless people personally recommend them to me. I really love book blogs for this reason. Can’t wait to see what you share and suggest!

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