The Beginning of Something New

In August 2005, I left home for college in Central Kentucky some two and half hours away. I was single, fresh out of high school, and still determined at that point. As always, college is never what you expect and I wasn’t living the party life, I wasn’t walking downtown, I wasn’t even making that many friends. I was the quiet type who was overwhelmed by the overburdening coarse work and living on the fourth floor, a building away from the elevator. I struggled with 8AM classes and extra curricular activities that extended way into dinner time.

At a certain point our freshman year, my roommate (a friend I had had since Kindergarten) was tasked with the assignment that sent her to the public library entirely in walking distance from where we were. We were still solid at that point so I opted to go with her and I at that point, some 5 or 6 years ago, I registered for my Lexington Public Library Card.

It wasn’t that impressive back then. I didn’t even check out a single book, hook up with the WiFi or rent a movie, I just had a fancy card (which at the time was rather ugly). It fell by the wayside; I had my own university library and the only thing I had time to read was the crappy stuff that I didn’t have a choice about (ie. homework).

But after recently leaving World of Warcraft, I found myself looking at my bookshelf wishing that it was fuller (it is small so it is full but I want a BIG one!), wishing there was more of an option than age-old favorites like Harry Potter or Twilight.

So I decided to join GoodReads and I took up part of the Reading Challenge. I found book reviews from some community friends like Jaedia and links to other book blogs and I found myself thinking about reading. I’m pretty slow, and pretty peculiar about what I read (I prefer Young Adult or Romance) but I want to read and so here I am…5 or so years later getting a brand new library card!

The system is a little different, they give us the option for a key-fob (those are my mini obsession) and they’re much more attractive than Times New Roman on a green background too! They have an online process completed by full registration with an ID and everyone is incredibly helpful, the moment you begin to look lost they’re there!

So here I am, sitting and blogging in the Beaumont Center Public Library and squeeing like a 5 year old girl about to own her very own bicycle. I don’t know where this journey will take me but I’m walking the path. The interest that I have in this isn’t shared by most of my circle, only hints on the wind of interest it seems, but that is okay because I am doing it for me.


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